French, the Host of Euro 2016

What about Euro 2016?

French, the Host of Euro 2016

French, the Host of Euro 2016

French, the Host of Euro 2016 – Everybody in the world can’t wait European Cup 2016 in Paris, French. After the terrorist and the blast attack, France had been in doubt to be the host of Euro 2016in Paris last Friday November 16, 2015. But finally the official UEFA (Union of Europe’s Football Association) Euro 2016 insisted to hold the tournament in Paris, French. The supreme of European football, UEFA concluded that French was still able to host Euro 2016 tournament. UEFA believed that French will improve the level of security immediately, so the games, the players, the team officials and the supporters will be assured safely. More than 3 years, the committee of Euro 2016 has been working hard and together with the relevant security authorities to safeguard and guarantee the facility and the safety to maintain the security during the tournament. Furthermore UEFA confirmed that there is no reason to believe that the Euro is one of the targets of terrorist attacks. The draw of the Euro held as scheduled on last 12 December 2015 at the Palais de Congres in the city of Paris. The tournament itself will also continue to run in France from 10 June until July 10, 2016.

French works as the host and the participant in Euro 2016 which sat in the Group A with Romania, Switzerland, and Albania. Judging from the previous ranks in edition December 3, French was occupied the 25th position in the world. The position of French is under the position of Switzerland which has the position in number 12 and Romania in number 16. French was only better than Albania, because Albania sat on the 38th position in the group A. but now, French has been waken up to win the tournament. Switzerland and Romania got the rank which is better than the host, French. But the fact said that Switzerland and Romania have never been lifted the World Cup trophy or even Euro. And for Albania, this is the first time to participate the European Cup. French is very often to be the host both in World Cup and Euro. In the World Cup or Coupe de Monde, French had been the host in 1938 and 1998. And in Euro tournament, French held as the host in 1960 and in 1984.

The committee declared that the Stadium Stade de France will be the venue for the opening ceremony of Euro 2016 which will be taken place on next June 10, 2016. The dated is same with the first match which has been scheduled to the next 30 days until July 10, 2016. The committee of Euro 2016 Jacques Lambert declared that the closing party will be held in the same place. He also convinced that French will improve the security service.

Turkey and Italy out of vote

As the selected countries, French would hold the host for Euro for the third times. Turkey and Italy were out of vote during the voting for the European Cup 2016 which has been done in Paris, French. And French win the vote as the host of Euro 2016. And French as the host of Euro 2016 provides ten stadiums to host the biggest tournament in the world in Lens, Paris, Lille, Lyon, Saint-Denis, Saint Etienne, Nice, Marseille, and Toulouse.

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