Gareth Bale; the Midfielder of Wales

Gareth Bale; the Midfielder of Wales

Gareth Bale; the Midfielder of Wales

Gareth Bale; the Midfielder of Wales

Gareth Bale; the Midfielder of Wales – Gareth Bale is one of the players that will play in Euro 2016 next summer. He will fill one of the positions as midfielder for the national team.

The Profile

Gareth Bale was born in July 16, 1989. He made his debut as professional soccer player for Southampton when he was 16 years old as long as 275 days in year 2006. Then, he moved to Real Madrid from Tottenham in 2013 and became the most expensive player in the world for the more than 100 million pounds of payment.

After his first performance in Southampton, Bale moved to Tottenham in May 2007 with £10 million. In his 16 years old of age, he became the youngest international player beating Tobago and Trinidad. When he moved to Spurs, the starting new career was also amazing for he made great goals against Fulham, Middlesbrough and Arsenal. When he was on pitch, he couldn’t reach the victory and no victory in all 24 games of him in Spurs. In 2007 -2008 season, he got limited performances for his foot injury; he only appeared as many as 12 times in the season.

Another injury happened in Bale in 2009 and he needed knee surgery. In September of the same year, he went back to the side and becoming left wing as key figure for Totteham in Champions League qualifying for the first time. When he came against Burnley, he also got broken duck. However, he got the first winning against Fulham.

In 2010-2011, Bale became PFA player of the year. In June 2012, he signed four year contract in Spurs and then made 26 goals in total 44 competitions. Many awards came to him for the great achievement. Purchased by Real Madrid, then Bale became the most expensive player with more than £85 million of payment. In Spain, he made 22 goal scores from 44 performances. The crucial goals bring them to Champions League and Copa del Rey.

The Capability of Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale has some strength such as outstanding to go forward with a touch of goal scoring. He is specialist in free kick and can cross on the run perfectly. However, he also have some weakness such as facing problems in knocked confidence and he tried so hard to defend in the first years.

The highest achievement of Gareth Bale was when he made crucial goals so bringing winning for Real Madrid in Champions League and Copa del Rey titles in the starting season. Yet, he also ever had low career when he performed in 24 competitions for Spurs but no victory achieved, he got booed in Bernabeu for it.

The special style of Bale is fast, tricky, agile, a winger with a vision for goal scoring and full strength shot. Harry Redknapp said that Bale was an amazing talent and his capability was after Messi and Ronaldo in the world and he was always getting better. When he was on his game, he was nearly unpayable. Bale was the real world class player. He could play for all people and improved his team.

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