The Latest News from Manchester United

The Latest News from Manchester United

The Latest News from Manchester United

The Latest News from Manchester United

The Latest News from Manchester United – The latest news from Manchester United can be the hot discussion for today. There will be always the great discussion about this Red Devil team. As we know this team is lead by Wayne Rooney. So, the news will be also related to him. Talking about this team, actually it will be also related to Premier League.

So, what is the best news about this team? If you want to know about it, keep reading here! This article is going to discuss about the Champions League and its team. Let’s check reading below and find your best information only here!

Wayne Rooney and Louis Van Gaal

According to the media reports, Louis Van Gaal faced the sack following to the exit of Manchester United from the Champions League they faced. As we know this team took the lower position on Champions League rank.

For your information, Manchester United’s players are actually right under the fire of their manager, Van Gaal. Rooney said that they also planned to determine their last track on this season.

So, what actually happened with the Dutchman? According to the media reports, he is facing the sack following the exit of Manchester United from the League of Champion. It happens earlier in this month when there were six matches with the winless result. These results lead them for having unrest.

Rooney also said to the media that he and the team will fight for their manager, Van Gaal, and will try to turn their best around. He also added that there are a lot of people talking about what happened to this red devil team. Then, they also write down what is happening without rechecking the reality of Manchester United team today. So, let’s wait the new movement of this team.

What Happened to Louis Van Gaal, the Red Devil’s Manager?

As we know after his team against match of Stoke City, Van Gaal attended the conference and walked out of it. This moment happened after five minutes of his team match. He called the media to ask apologize for his team treatment.

On this match, as we know Rooney joint the England teammates, Phil Jones and Ashley Young. It was also followed by their keeper, David De Gea. De Gea spoke positively about his team and also Van Gaal. In fact, the result was too bad for them.

Meanwhile Van Gaal added that they have regular meeting every time in order to discuss about their team’s point and movement. There are also other senior players on their squad progress. They are working together for the team’s successfulness. Besides that, they also always try to find the best solution in order to win the matches.

Then, he also said that the leading scorer of England was low. Its scorer also conceded the confidence at Old Trafford. He is also actually under the pressure after getting failed to bring the score on last five matches of league. His team has dropped to the fifth in Premier League. It is about nine points off from the top spot. So, those are all the reports of the latest news from Manchester United.

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