UEFA EURO 2016: Del Bosque’s Last Job

UEFA EURO 2016: Del Bosque's Last Job

UEFA EURO 2016: Del Bosque's Last Job

UEFA EURO 2016: Del Bosque’s Last Job

UEFA EURO 2016: Del Bosque’s Last Job – Madrid – One of the senior coaches, Vicente Del Bosque makes sure that UEFA Euro 2016 in France will be his last performance with his team, Spain National Football Team. He has high hopes that he can bring the best out of him to make this Matador team win UEFA EURO 2016. His career with Spain National Football Team successfully makes him one of the top football coaches. This 64-year-old man can make amazing record of his remarkable career. He’s got championship title of World Cup 2010 and UEFA Euro 2012.

In his book with the title, ‘Winning and Losing: Emotional Strength’, he wrote that if everything is going well as he expects, he will leave the national team and RFEF. “I’ve been coaching football for 8 years and I think I don’t want to continue this job and to extend my duty. My biggest wish for my entire career is that to leave my job with amazing achievement. Quite frankly, I can retire in the next couple of years, but I want to be like the other Spanish people who retire at such this age,” he added.

“I consider my strength in myself which has chances to enjoy football as a career. From now on, I will see the future ahead of me after I leave this career with proud.”

In different occasion, Del Bosque said that he’s not really sure the team under his coached can defend the title of UEFA EURO 2016. His statement is based on the fact that his team is in Group D which all the powerful teams are in there.

During the lottery of UEFA EURO 2016, Spain will face Turkey, Croatia and Czech Republic. All of these three times has excellent records during their performance so far. Czech Republic was the Runner Up of UEFA EURO in 1996 and Turkey was the semifinalist in UEFA Euro in 2008. While Croatia was one of the obstacles that Spain had to fight during UEFA EURO in 2012.

“This is difficult group. We’ve seen their performance of our competitors and all of them can’t be underestimated. They are not the underdog teams. We’ve also seen some teams that put us in trouble in the past,” said Del Bosque to Footballepasna on Monday, December 14, 2015.

Even so, Del Bosque still hopes that the team can bring the UEFA Euro 2016 trophy back home again. He also prays that the team can defend the title for 3 in a row. “It will be remarkable moment if we can do it together. Remembering that there is no any team that has done this yet, Del Bosque wish Spain National Football Team will be the first tea to do it.”

Here are the complete lottery results of UEFA Euro 2016;

In Group A there are; France, Albania, Rumania, Swiss

In Group B there are; England, Russia, Wales, Slovakia

In Group C there are; Germany, North Ireland, Poland, Ukraine,

In Group D there are; Spanish, Turkey, Czech Republic, Croatia

In Group E there are; Belgium, Republic of Ireland, Sweden, Italia

In Group F there are; Portugal, Iceland, Hungary, Austria

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